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Put on your pyjamas and join Nanna Dragma in this ffabulous evening of queer re-tellings of Aesop’s Fables. The wonderful thing about Dragma is you never know what is up her sleeve (other than her tissues)! Inspired by the drawing room at Castell Coch, and after collecting brand-spanking new stories from the LGBT+ community, Fflamingo presents its debut production - Gaesop’s Fables - through storytelling, physical theatre, comedy and puppetry.

Gaesop’s Fables was a multi-stage project which involved collecting stories from the community, which was then adapted into a performance project premiering at Made in Roath Festival 2018. The first stage of the project involved a call out to the South Wales community, to create queer adaptations of Aesop’s Fables that represent diversity and LGBTQ+ values. We also held community workshops which helped inspire and support some of the participants in their writing process. These workshops were both self-produced, and in collaboration with Pride Cymru who came on board to support the project. The third stage of the process was creating a performance based on a selection of these stories.

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